What We Do
Provide International Emergency Services
IES LLC aviation is coming soon with services available to commerical enterprises, in addition to city, county, state and federal agencies. Aerial services include fixed-wing, rotor-wing, and unmanned aerial vehicle platforms for emergency management needs.
Aerial Services
Services in Development
  1. Air Tractor 802
    Fire-Retardant and Water Dropping Capabilities
  2. Bell 206L3
    Standard category helicopter for aerial mapping, IR, water bucket drops, cargo, and personnel.
  3. UH60 Blackhawk
    Restricted category helicopter converted for emergency response missions with Simplex water tank built into frame. Type 1 platform with 750 gallon tank capacity.
  4. Advanced UAVs
    Aerial mapping, reconnaissance, aerial patrol, with advanced optics package.
  5. Small UAV
    Quadcopter equipped with 1080p camera for aerial photography and video.
  6. BE200
    A purpose-built plane that can deliver either retardant or water rapidly, precisely and safely. As an amphibian, it "scoops" up to 3,000 gallons in 18 seconds. These aircraft are available with further inquiry.
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